About us

Meyer’s Ranch is located on the edge of the Vredefort Dome, a World Heritage Site.

We have been farming 12 years very successfully with SA Vleismerinos. Meyer’s Ranch was in 2008 one of the finalists for sheep farmer of the year. We are very selective in the selection of young ewes that are included in the herd, since quality already starts here.

Since the lambs are born on the farm, we have full control over all medications and food intake. No growth stimulants or any hormone implants are used.

Our lambs are reared on the sweetest planted grass pastures and corn that is produced on the farm.

Stress levels are reduced to a minimum, as the lambs spend most of their lives with the percolating mothers.

Trained sheepdogs handle the herds that live together in harmony.

The lamb is slaughtered and graded at a registered abattoir, then the meat is processed on the farm and packed in accordance with our customers’ preferences.

Meyer’s Ranch is proud of their product that gets delivered directly from the farm to the public.