Meyer’s Ranch Deli & Browse

The founders and owners of this jewel in Parys is Piet and Liana Meyer. They are well known local farmers and also the proud founders and owners of Meyer’s Ranch Vrystaat Lamb free range lamb distributors, as well as Design Benjamin Construction Company.
They are well known for their top quality lamb products, as well as for their uniquely designed kitchens, as showcased at the very popular Enstyle Showroom in Parys, Free State.
Combine these two outlets and sets of skills, and you get Meyer’s Ranch Deli & Browse. This is not your average deli, fore it not only offers the best lamb in the free state, but also the best selection of South Africa’s finest dining and cooking delicacies: Noah’s Cheese, Romano’s Olives and Pestos, Ina Lessing’s Jam Products, Darling’s Sweet toffee and fudge products are a few to mention. It is not just a shopping venue, but your taste buds go on an adventure too, fore fresh tasting samples are available for your convenience, though you are warned that you WILL walk away with more than you budgeted for #deliciousaddictions . Apart from the display of fresh and packed goods, it is also a browsing spot and one can sit and relax, whilst your eyes set and explore the somewhat “not your average deli” interior.